HP Classic Timber Plantation Shutters


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Beautiful shutters available in either stained or painted finish.

The HP Classic Timber Plantation Shutter collection will take your home to a whole new level of style, transforming the way you live. They combine strength and durability with elegant design, and help you provide the right mix of light, airflow and temperature control in that special place. So the question is would you like Stained or Painted?

HP Classic Stained Timber Plantation Shutters

High Quality Timber

For that truly luxurious feel, a beautiful shutter in a rich timber stain is without equal. Made from premium bassword, our timber is light in colour, has a fine uniform texture and an indistinct straight grain, which enhances the stain colouring process.

Great Range of Stains as Standard

Available in 13 standard stain finishes and custom stains upon request, your shutters will complement any space imaginable.


Furthermore, our unique production process means that our HP Classic Stained Timber Plantation Shutter range can span the largest single solid panel distances in the industry.

Available Options

HP Classic Timber Plantation Shutters have many options available. Below are some of the more popular options that will help your home shine.

So Many Stains to Choose From!

Available in a great range of standard stain colours to suit most requirements. Alternatively you may request a personalised stain colour.

PLEASE NOTE: Colour Visualiser images are digitally representative only

Classic Plantation Look

Our HP Classic Painted Timber Plantation Shutter range are the perfect choice for that classic plantation look which shines in both tradition and modern settings. Made from premium poplar, a low density, light coloured hardwood timber, they have a fine texture and a lack of taint which allows for a flawless finish.

Wonderful Colour Selection or Custom

Opt for one of our 13 classic colours, or experiment with custom colours to create your ideal interior scheme.

Unique Construction Method

Our unique construction method makes our shutters stronger but also results in a more efficient yield from the tree, resulting in a more environmentally friendly and economical finished product.

A Colour To Compliment Any Home or Business

Available in many different colours to suit virtually any location. Of cause, it’s also available in multiple shades of white to compliment existing decor. Alternatively you may request a personalised paint colour.

PLEASE NOTE: Colour Visualiser images are digitally representative only

Stained & Painted Options and Features

HP Classic Timber Stained and Painted is essentially the same product and therefore share many of the same options and features. Below you’ll find information that is common to both HP Classic Timber Stained and Painted.

HP Classic Timber shutters offer various blade sizes and profiles including elliptical, urban or flat, the choice is yours. To control the blades you have an option of front facing centre tilt rod, offset 40 tilt rod, euro 180 tilt rod as well as rear facing tilt rod.

Blades come in the option of three widths: 64mm, 89mm or 114mm

See below diagrams for blade profiles and control options.

Are you not sure what Reveal Mount or Face Mount means! It just refers to where the shutter frame will be mounted, either inside the architrave or on the face of the architrave.

HP Classic Timber Plantation Shutters can be fitted by either Reveal Mount (inside the window frame or opening) or Face Mount (on the front or outside of the window frame or opening).

Below are details of popular frame options.

Z-Frame (Reveal Mount)

Z-Frame can only be used on a reveal mount and is the most popular choice. It is superb for that slightly out of square window (what window isn’t!) but not all openings allow for this. The main determining factor is clearance from the window to the shutter blades.

L-Frame (Reveal Mount)

Reveal Mount using an L-Frame is also possible. The main reason for using the L-Frame in a reveal mount is that it doesn’t protrude past the window/door frame and some people prefer this. A disadvantage is that the gap between the L-frame and the opening needs to have gap-filler applied. This is time consuming and results in a slightly higher price due to increased installation time.

L-Frame (Face Mount)

Face Mount using L-Frame is ideal for windows and door frames that are excessively out of square or don’t have enough clearance for the blades to operate. In addition some people prefer the protruding look and feel they highlight the shutters in their home. The shutter frame is either mount on the face of the architrave or around the outside of the architrave.

No Frame (Pivot Hinge)

Using no frame is also available but using this option depends on the squareness and quality of the opening. Each shutter is mounted directly onto the window frame using pivot hinges. The disadvantage of using this method is that a small gap is visible around each shutter and allows light in. In addition, this option can look poor on openings that are ‘out of square’ or the architraves and sill are warped.

Another option is using U-Channel on Fixed shutters. They are often used in wall cut-outs, between adjoining rooms, or also when an easy removing option is required. It’s a simple operation of lifting the shutter into the top U-Channel and then dropping the bottom of the shutter into the bottom U-Channel.

Need to cover an existing sliding door?

Sliding shutters are great for anywhere in your home or business where an existing sliding door is featured. With many options available including 1, 2 or 3 track systems, Hp Classic Timber Plantation shutters are the perfect choice. These shutters have the option to either pass each other when the blades are left in the open position, or only pass each other when they are in the closed position (this allows the slider to protrude less into the room). We also offer you a choice between a floor guide or floor tracking.

We also have the floor sorted. Regardless if you have carpet, tiles, timber/floating floor or basically anything else we have a system that will suit your needs.

When an unobstructed view is important

Bi-fold are great when you don’t want to loss that view and to give you that perfect look. Some of the benefits of a Bi-Fold is that it allows you to fold back the opening and increase your total view without obstruction. In addition, you don’t require room to the side if you wish to fully retract the shutters.

Room Divider

Bi-folds are a great option if you want to divide a room but still have the option to have it open. It’s the best of both worlds.

Have you got a window that’s not a standard shape. Not a problem. We can have almost any shaped window custom made to suit. From round, arched or rake to triangle, oval or hexagon.

HP Classic Timber Plantation Shutter warranty is simple and contains no fine print. In short, if the product is faulty, it’s repaired or replaced. Simple is good!

15 Year Structural Warranty

5 Year Warranty on Paint

5 Year Warranty on Custom Finish

2 Year Warranty on Stain

Double Warranty with Enhance Shutters & Blinds

Warranties aren’t much good if the business you purchase from closes down! Even if you were to repair them yourself, where would you get replacement parts from… especially if it’s an imported product.

Here at Enhance Shutters & Blinds we leave the manufacturing for the experts and we just install the finished product and supply the after sales service. The bonus in this for you is that Enhance Shutters & Blinds warrants the job AND you also have the manufacturer backing that up. The warranty card you receive includes the manufacturers details so if you ever need to make a claim and Enhance Shutters & Blinds is no longer around you are still covered. Win Win!!!

Peace of Mind

HP Classic Timber Plantation Shutters Full Warranty