Premium Thermalite Plantation Shutters


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There is a reason these shutters are the market leaders.

Made from superior material that is strong. The shutters insulate 3 times better and are easy to clean. They are installed within 4 weeks and represent awesome value for money. Manufactured in Australia.

About Premium Thermalite Plantation Shutters:

Australian Made

Our Thermalite Plantation Shutters are 100% Australian-manufactured and certified. The factory, equipped with industry specific state of the art equipment is producing plantation shutters that will easily satisfy even the most refined needs and requirements. The factory is located in Queensland, Australia.

Environmentally Friendly Using Non-toxic Recycled Materials

Thermalite is the look and feel of wood with several major advantages. Thermalite is the GREEN CHOICE. It’s the only 100% synthetic material that looks and feels exactly like timber. Thermalite is a solid non toxic polymer foam and is a by-product of natural gas – no natural resources (including trees) are destroyed in the manufacturing of this product and unlike vinyl/PVC it contains no toxic ingredients. It is also more friendly to the environment, using less resources in production, and does not break down into toxic chemicals when they are disposed of.

Thermalite is also tested and proven via independent testing carried out by the National Association of Home Builders Centre. In that testing it showed that the R factor for Thermalite is nearly three times that of timber. This means that, compared to timber, it takes nearly three times the amount of energy applied to one side of a piece of Thermalite to raise the temperature on the other side one degree centigrade. To be specific, the R factor for timber is just under 1, while the R factor for Thermalite is nearly 3.


Available Options

Premium Thermalite Plantation Shutters have many options available. Below are some of the more popular options that will help your home shine.

Thermalite Plantation Shutters are available in two colours. Bright White is the most popular and looks fantastic combined with light grey internal walls that many people commonly use now. Off White works great with cream colour walls.

Off White

Off White
Perfect for rooms featuring cream and yellow tones

Bright White
Perfect for rooms featuring white or grey tones

Note: The above colours are exaggerated for the website and are not a true representation of the colours

Thermalite exclusive patented blades are used in all Premium Thermalite Plantation shutters. Only our shutters use the patented G2 and G3 blades that have been designed to prevent blades from bowing. All blades up to 750mm wide have the G2 blade and the G3 blade is used in panels from 751mm to 900mm. No other shutter on the market offer this technology.

The elliptical blades enhance the view while allowing extra light to penetrate the room while the shutter is in the open position.

Blades come in the option of two widths: 64mm or 90mm

Thermalite Exclusive Patented G2 and G3 Blade

Premium Thermalite Plantation shutters are designed to mount almost anywhere. From standard windows to bay windows, or sliding doors to wet areas like bathrooms.


Each panel is hinged from the shutter frame or architrave


This is a great option for sliding doorways and openings


A great option when space is limited and view is important

In addition Fixed and Hinge/Hinge is also available.

Are you not sure what Reveal Mount or Face Mount means! It just refers to where the shutter frame will be mounted, either inside the architrave or on the face of the architrave.

Thermalite Plantation Shutters can be fitted by either Reveal Mount (inside the window frame or opening) or Face Mount (on the front or outside of the window frame or opening).

Below are details of popular frame options.


Z-Frame can only be used on a reveal mount and is the most popular choice. It is superb for that slightly out of square window (what window isn’t!) but not all openings allow for this. The main determining factor is clearance from the window to the shutter blades.

L-Frame (Reveal Mount)

Reveal Mount using an L-Frame is also possible. The main reason for using the L-Frame in a reveal mount is that it doesn’t protrude past the window/door frame and some people prefer this. A disadvantage is that the gap between the L-frame and the opening needs to have gap-filler applied. This is time consuming and results in a slightly higher price due to increased installation time.

L-Frame (Face Mount)

Face Mount using L-Frame is ideal for windows and door frames that are excessively out of square or don’t have enough clearance for the blades to operate. In addition some people prefer the protruding look and feel they highlight the shutters in their home. The shutter frame is either mount on the face of the architrave or around the outside of the architrave.

No Frame (Pivot Hinge)

Using no frame is also available but using this option depends on the squareness and quality of the opening. Each shutter is mounted directly onto the window frame using pivot hinges. The disadvantage of using this method is that a small gap is visible around each shutter and allows light in. In addition, this option can look poor on openings that are ‘out of square’ or the architraves and sill are warped.

Another option is using U-Channel on Fixed shutters. They are often used in wall cut-outs, between adjoining rooms, or also when an easy removing option is required. It’s a simple operation of lifting the shutter into the top U-Channel and then dropping the bottom of the shutter into the bottom U-Channel.

Is an Ultra Clear view important to you? Here at Enhance Shutters & Blinds we do our best to design the shutters to match your openings. We try to coordinate wherever possible the Stiles and Mid-rail to line up with existing Mullions & Transom to give you that Ultraclear view. The fact that Premium Thermalite shutters don’t use a tilt rod or connector rod allows for the most uninterrupted view from any shutter on the market.

In addition we can also manufacture the shutters with Split Blades. This feature enables the user of the shutter to adjust one section of the blades independently to another section. This is great for filtering light to archive the perfect feel, or for privacy while still allowing light to enter.

Window Diagram

Sliding shutters are great for anywhere in your home or business where a sliding door is featured. With many options available including 1, 2 or 3 track systems, Premium Thermalite Plantation shutters are the perfect choice. Unlike most companies, our Thermalite shutters will pass each other when the blades are left in the open position. We also offer you a choice between a floor guide or floor tracking.

We also have the option of using Bi-fold to give you that perfect look. Some of the benefits of a Bi-Fold is that it allows you to fold back the opening and increase your total view without obstruction. In addition, you don’t require room to the side if you wish to fully retract the shutters.

Have you got a window that’s not a standard shape. Not a problem. We can have almost any shaped window custom made to suit. From round, arched or rake to triangle, oval or hexagon.

Premium Thermalite Plantation shutters come with a premium warranty… and that’s an industry leading warranty. As the old saying goes “you get what you pay for”… and nothing could be more true when it comes to plantation shutters. You may pay a little more for Premium Thermalite Plantation shutters when comparing them to imported Chinese PVC shutters, but when the imported warranty finishes in 5 or 10 years and you need repairs or replacement you’ll regret not getting Thermalite. Will you even be able to get replacement parts!

25 Year Limited Warranty on Shutter Frames & Shutter Panels
(Structural Warranty)
5 Year Limited Warranty on Shutter Hardware and all Paint
3 Year Limited Warranty on Colour Fastness

Double Warranty with Enhance Shutters & Blinds

Warranties aren’t much good if the business you purchase from closes down! Even if you were to repair them yourself, where would you get replacement parts from… especially if it’s an imported product.

Here at Enhance Shutters & Blinds we leave the manufacturing for the experts and we just install the finished product and supply the after sales service. The bonus in this for you is that Enhance Shutters & Blinds warrants the job AND you also have the manufacturer backing that up. The warranty card you receive includes the Australian manufacturers details so if you ever need to make a claim and Enhance Shutters & Blinds is no longer around you are still covered. Win Win!!!

Peace of Mind

Premium Thermalite Plantation Shutters Full Warranty