Roller Blinds


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The economical way to cover windows and doors.

Stylish and versatile! They are available in both chain and motorised systems, from single to dual rollers, floor length windows to bay windows. We custom make them up to 3m wide and 4m drop. We offer a large range of fabrics to choose from. Backed by a 3 year warranty with installation in 3 to 4 weeks. Manufactured in Australia.

About Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds

At Enhance Shutters & Blinds our roller blinds are ideal for both residential and commercial environments. They will give your home, office or business a modern aesthetic while at the same time provide efficient protection for both you and your indoor fabrics from the sun.

The Perfect Combination of Light and Shade

Our roller blinds uniquely combines both fashion and functionality, allowing you to effortlessly capture views, opens up living areas, and transform you home into an oasis of contemporary comfort and understated elegance. Roller blinds give you the versatility to invite as much or as little of the outside world in as you choose, from showcasing stunning landscape vistas, to embracing a little more pricacy in your intimate living spaces.

Why Buy Enhance Shutters & Blinds Roller Blinds?

  • Australian made Roller Blinds
  •  Contemporary design, technical innovation and simplicity combine perfectly to compliment any interior
  •  Choose your light control from our vast range of light filtering and room darkening fabrics
  •  Matching head boxes, accessories and hardware available
  •  Flame retardant and distortion free fabrics available
  •  Easy to clean
  •  Durable fabrics that require little maintenance
  •  Reduction in energy costs by minimizing the strain on heating and air conditioning

About our Roller Blinds

Our roller blinds are stylish and versatile. They are available in both chain and motorised systems, and we can make them individually or multi-linked to suit any situation or configuration. Whatever you prefer, from single to dual roller blinds, floor length windows to smaller ones, we have the window solution you desire.

At Enhance Shutters & Blinds, our blinds allow you to effortlessly control light and shade with a range of versatile fabrics from blockout designs that screen the sun’s glare, to sheer fabrics that enable you to embrace the beauty of a sun-dappled living space. Many of our fabrics are also UV treated, meaning they’re energy efficient and able to withstand Australia’s ever-changing weather by providing cosy insulation or a cooling airflow when needed. We supply and fit the following blinds:

  • Light-filtering
  • Sheer Fabrics
  • Block-out
  • Sunscreen

Available Options

We have many Roller Blind options available. Below are some of the more popular options that will help your home shine.

Huge Range to Choose From

When it comes to fabric suppliers, we source the best of the best. We stay true to the fundamentals of opacity, colour and texture, Shaw Blind Fabrics provide us with quality fabrics that are fashionably contemporary, and Texstyle offer an extensive collection of sheers and block-out options that beautifully conform to the variability of our seasonal Australian weather. All in all, our suppliers are committed to one thing – providing durable, quality blinds that not only look great, but will stand the test of time.


Designed with innovation in mind, Acmeda componentry offers superior performance backed by patented technology with interchangeable components that suit a variety of blind suppliers’ installation needs. Now a global force in the industry, Acmeda’s designs are at the cutting edge of window furnishing trends and combine extensive functionality with versatile aesthetics. From compact systems to commercial applications, Acmeda componentry includes a range of control mechanisms, track configurations and mounting options in a great selection of inspiring colours.

Roller Blind warranty varies based on the setup and fabric chosen. The warranty will range from 3 to 5 years on the structural and 1 to 5 years on the fabric. This offers you peace-of-mind when purchasing from Enhance Shutters & Blinds.

1-5 Year Warranty on Fabric

3-5 Year Warranty on Structural

Double Warranty with Enhance Shutters & Blinds

Warranties aren’t much good if the business you purchase from closes down! Even if you were to repair them yourself, where would you get replacement parts from… especially if it’s an imported product.

Here at Enhance Shutters & Blinds we leave the manufacturing for the experts and we just install the finished product and supply the after sales service. The bonus in this for you is that Enhance Shutters & Blinds warrants the job AND you also have the manufacturer backing that up. The warranty card you receive includes the Australian manufacturers details so if you ever need to make a claim and Enhance Shutters & Blinds in no longer around you are still covered. Win Win!!!

As you may have already noticed, Enhance Shutters & Blinds believes in supplying you with as much information as possible so you can make an informed decision on what will suit your needs, what you can expect, and if you’d like to purchase from us. It’s just the way we operate!

Others may not tell you this but all of the below information is typical of all roller blinds regardless of where you purchase them from or who manufactures them. We use high quality hardware and heavy duty tubes (if required) to minimise the likelihood of the below issues.

Side/Light Gaps

In all instances, the fabric on the Roller Blind will be narrower than the ‘bracket to bracket’ size of the blind. Light gaps will be most prominent when the blind is fitted as a ‘reveal mount’ (inside mount) and more noticeable when the blind is a blockout fabric. A gap of approximately 14mm to 20mm per side should be expected. A gap between two ‘butted’ blinds is approximately 17 to 25mm. At all times we try to line this gap with the window mullions.

On bedroom openings we recommend using ‘face mount’ (outside mount) and ‘standard roll’ (fabric rolls off the back of the roller keeping it closest to the glass). This give you the smallest light gap by having the fabric overlapping the architraves and also keeps the fabric as close as possible to the architrave to reduce the light gap.

Smaller Width Roller Blinds

Chain operated Roller Blinds with a width of 600mm or less are susceptible to the fabric rolling off to one side and may result in the fabric rolling unevenly and overlapping the end of the tube. This does not mean the blind is out of square. It is caused by the lack of weight in a small blind, even at full length drop. In most circumstances we have methods to eliminate/reduce this from happening.

Larger Width Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds with a width over 2400mm or larger than 6sqm may show a degree of fabric veeing/wavering, and this may be more visible/noticeable when viewed from the inside. Some fabrics show this more than others. We use heavy duty hardware (if required) to reduce the likelihood of this happening. Blinds longer than 3000mm drop may experience a level of veeing in the fabric due to tube deflection, and this is considered normal.

Peace of Mind

Roller Blinds Full Warranty