Vertical Blinds


A Classic Option

Light, privacy & heat control made easy

Vertical Blinds are able to provide light, heat and privacy control by the ability to rotate blades through 180°, or set them at any angle in between. We custom make them up to 4m wide and 3.9m drop. Available in a range of light filter and blockout fabrics in either 89mm or 127mm wide. Backed by a 2 year warranty with installation in 3 weeks. Manufactured in Australia.

About Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds

At Enhance Shutters & Blinds our vertical blinds are ideal for both residential and commercial environments. They will give your home, office or business a modern aesthetic while at the same time provide efficient protection for both you and your indoor fabrics from the sun.

Light and Privacy Control

Vertical Blinds are able to provide light and privacy control by the ability to rotate blades through 180°, or set them at any angle in between. You have an option of using either 89mm wide blade for that more streamline look or the larger standard 127mm wide blades.

Why Buy Enhance Shutters & Blinds Vertical Blinds?

  • Australian made
  • Blades are supplied as a chainless system at no extra charge
  •  Option of either cord and chain operated or wand operated
  •  A complete range of fabrics to offer light-filtering, sheer or block-out
  • Bottom weights are ‘sewn-in’ at no extra charge
  •  Matching head boxes, accessories and hardware available
  •  Durable fabrics that require little maintenance
  •  Reduction in energy costs by minimizing the strain on heating and air conditioning

Fabric Options

At Enhance Shutters & Blinds, our blinds allow you to effortlessly control light and privacy with a range of versatile fabrics from blockout designs that screen the sun’s glare, to sheer fabrics that enable you to embrace the beauty of a sun-dappled living space. Many of our fabrics are also UV treated, meaning they’re energy efficient and able to withstand Australia’s ever-changing weather by providing cosy insulation or a cooling airflow when needed. We supply and fit the following blinds:

  • Light-filtering
  • Sheer Fabrics
  • Block-out
  • Sunscreen

Available Options

We have many Vertical Blind options available. Below are some of the more popular options that will help your home shine.

Huge Range to Choose From

When it comes to fabric suppliers, we source the best of the best. We stay true to the fundamentals of opacity, colour and texture, Shaw Blind Fabrics provide us with quality fabrics that are fashionably contemporary, and Texstyle offer an extensive collection of sheers and block-out options that beautifully conform to the variability of our seasonal Australian weather. On top of this own vertical blinds also have their own exclusive range to choose from. All in all, our suppliers are committed to one thing – providing durable, quality blinds that not only look great, but will stand the test of time.

Blades: 89mm and 127mm

We have a choice of light filter and blockout fabrics, which are also available to use in our Roller Blinds, Roman Blinds and Panel Glides, enables coordination between products. All vertical fabrics are offered in an 89mm or 127mm blade width. For aesthetic appeal, we recommend the 89mm blade size for smaller openings and the 127mm blade size for larger openings.

Our Vertical Blinds have an extensive range of colours, patterns and textures through the variety available in The Louvolite Collection and the ever popular Portsea, Harmony and Kirra blockout and light filter ranges, as well as the Vibe, Reflections, and Cabaret blockout ranges. All of these fabrics are available in Roller Blind, Roman Blind or Panel Glide applications range.

Each blade is supplied as standard with a PVC bottom weight, provided as a chainless system. These weights are available in White, Ivory, Beige, Grey and Black for both our 89mm blades and the 127mm blades and will be supplied to match the track colour. This program also offers a ‘sewn in’ pocket system, effectively hiding a metal bottom weight within the fabric, instead of the visible chainless bottom weight.


The five available track colours are White, Ivory, Beige, Black and Grey. With a track dimension of 26mm high x 50mm deep, this slimline track will minimise hardware visibility while maximising light control.

The option to use a fabric insert in the track combined with clear carrier hooks make this track as inconspicuous as possible for a vertical blind.


The brackets used with our Vertical Blinds colour coordinate with the track colour. Inside mount brackets for the both blade sizes will be fitted in Silver only. When the blind is to be outside mount, outside mount brackets will also be fitted. The outside mount brackets are available in White, Ivory, Beige, Black, Grey and Silver, depending on the blade size required. These brackets are manufactured with screw slots to allow some height and depth adjustment, for a perfect fit during installation.

Where window/door projections make installation difficult, extension plates are also available for both inside and face fix applications, to project the standard brackets forward. An additional 35mm can be gained for an inside mount and an extra 30mm for an outside mount bracket.

Control Options

Several draw and control options are available to suit a variety of window or door layouts. Vertical Blinds can be cord and chain operated or wand operated, and are a practical option for large door areas


A variety of pelmet options ensures the right look can always be achieved.

A flat 127mm high Aluminium Pelmet is available in two colours: White and Beige. It can only be supplied including a fabric insert, and has a unique rounded corner where returns are used. It is available in one size, 127mm high.

A curved PVC Pelmet is available in three colours – White, Ivory or Black. It can be supplied with or without a fabric insert and is available in two different sizes: 98mm and 140mm high.

For both pelmet systems, returns will be supplied for all outside mount blinds. The returns will finish flush with the back of the outside mount installation brackets; however if longer or shorter returns are required to allow for architraves or partial inside/outside mount, the return length will be adjusted.

Vertical Blind warranty is extremely simply, 2 years warranty on everything. That includes all hardware and fabric. This offers you peace-of-mind when purchasing from Enhance Shutters & Blinds.

2 Year Warranty on Fabric

2 Year Warranty on Hardware

Double Warranty with Enhance Shutters & Blinds

Warranties aren’t much good if the business you purchase from closes down! Even if you were to repair them yourself, where would you get replacement parts from… especially if it’s an imported product.

Here at Enhance Shutters & Blinds we leave the manufacturing for the experts and we just install the finished product and supply the after sales service. The bonus in this for you is that Enhance Shutters & Blinds warrants the job AND you also have the manufacturer backing that up. The warranty card you receive includes the Australian manufacturers details so if you ever need to make a claim and Enhance Shutters & Blinds in no longer around you are still covered. Win Win!!!

As you may have already noticed, Enhance Shutters & Blinds believes in supplying you with as much information as possible so you can make an informed decision on what will suit your needs, what you can expect, and if you’d like to purchase from us. It’s just the way we operate!

Peace of Mind

Vertical Blinds Full Warranty